How it started

Simple, honest 3 chord wonders layered under Simon Gibsons acerbic observations of urban life.

Born out of boredom in a life with one phone line and 3 channels on the TV.
The original line up was Simon Gibson, Cathal McKee, Jim Scott and Jake Clarke.

While JIm was the singer on the early tunes, the line up changed and got more edgy when Simon took to the microphone.
The songs got written, the gigs came and went. Studio time wasn’t the point. Its about the words, not the music.
Living on the true punk dictum of “if you cant say it 3 minutes, dont say it at all” Five O keep things short, sweet and simple.

Gigging around London, Five O built up a hardcore group of fans disillusioned in a post-punk era. The black Ford Transit was the transport for the band and its crew.

Later, Jim left in a haze and when Cathal moved to Amsterdam, his brother Marius took the guitar with Si on Bass. New songs, new life, new reggae influences. More rough and ready demo tapes.
Without a practice in years, the band bravely takes the stage launching into well-worn numbers.

Fast forward to Anno 2012. First live gig last December in 6 years. Times have changed. The tunes have not, but are as relevant today as they have ever been.

Yours Sincerely
The Educated Face

New release in 2016

We’re got the energy back to make new songs again. The latest track Diffrnt Kinda Light is out now on YOUTUBE

Diffrnt Kinda Light - OUT NOW!!!

Love reign o’er Marius McKee

In 2014, we sadly lost Marius McKee to cancer, Cathal’s brother. A great guitarist who played with Fiveo in the 90’s helping to write some of the our legendary songs, holding the fort until Cathal could come back and join in the mix. Rest in peace, Marius, your licks will not be forgotten.

Back to the Caves

Back to the Caves refers to the Chislehurst Caves in South London where we were the last band allowed to play there and the police raided the gig.
The cover image refers to our back to basics approach on the new songs. Raw. Primal. With respect to cultural traditions.

Where we’ve gigged in recent years

July 14
Beacon Court Tavern
18 Canterbury Street

Saturday, March 19th
Bromley Labour Club
High Street Bromley

Saturday, December 3rd
The Old Tigers Head Pub,
352 Lee High Road, Lee Green. London


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Simon Gibson (Singer)
Cathal McKee (Guitar and Bass)
Jake Clarke (Drums and Backing Vocals)


The Best
Best Sellers
Little Powers (Plastic Knife)
Dr Crippens
Big Boots

Staking a Claim (Star)
Joe Grind
Enoughs Enough

Track on album